It’s a subtle sort of greed

To want more than I need.

If bills are paid and we have food,

Can we not just call it “good?”

I don’t think desire’s wrong,

But how often does it grow too strong?

How often do we all complain

When there are limits to our gain?

We may not lack necessities,

Yet we crave more amenities.

How often do a person’s skills

Get hijacked for more dollar bills?

Things for which our passions burn

Go cold for us when used to earn.

Perhaps with human souls at stake,

We should do more for its own sake.

Stop ourselves from craving more

With so much to be grateful for.

Waste some time, an hour or day,

By shunning work for sake of play.

It might be easier said than done,

But is it “living” without fun?

If you have all you need right now,

Then wipe the sweat off of your brow.

Forget about your wanting stuff,

And know you’ve got more than enough.

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