Today’s Poem: Thinking Ahead

Make time to laugh and love and play

A little each and every day

For one’s life passes in a blink

Do not want to look back and think,

“Could I have been a bit more kind,

Helping those who fell behind?

Should I have made more love than cash,

More time to rest in life’s mad dash?

Did I seek to be wise or “right?”

Did I pick peace or pick a fight?

Did I believe I could be wrong,

Knowing nothing all along?

Or did all my civility

Run off with my humility?

Did I let fear and pain and hate

Crush me under their great weight?

Did my faith become my fence,

To keep away all difference?

Did I look in my neighbor’s eyes

And then try on their shoes for size?

Or did I try to do my part

And make decisions with my heart?”

I pray you won’t look back with dread

For time is out when we are dead

Since no one knows when that will be,

Be sure to live deliberately!