Today’s Poem: Overwhelmed

Sometimes the feelings get too big

And there’s no hole that I can dig

That’s big enough to hide away

The harder things I never say

I never quite learned how to manage

Emotions that make me a savage

Tell everyone it’s not their fault

Seal the pain inside a vault

That acts as my own inner tomb

That blows apart once out of room

How can I name things I don’t know?

Feelings never meant to show

How can it be that I’m not steel,

Immune from human needs to feel?

The fact is I’m a person, too

With fears & doubts & pain like you

And I work hard to keep a hold,

To keep intensity controlled

Sometimes I slip, but so do you

I know that you get big feels, too

I guess there’s always work to do

And that’s okay… Yes, I’m okay

Know that you are okay, too.